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Customer Service Team

  • Our aim is to provide our customers with the quality service and support required for maintaining high reliability and long term use of their equipment.
  • Through our integrated co-operation with design and production departments we are constantly developing our know-how and the way in which we solve the different tasks.
  • The Service team is headed by Christian Pilegaard and together our team has more than 55 years of experience with test and customer service at Danfysik.


Contact our Service team


Christian Pilegaard
VP, Customer Service
+45 7220 2350

Merete Krogsgaard
Customer Service Coordinator
+45 7220 2371

Jacob Flyng
Electronics Engineer, B.Sc.E.E.
+45 7220 2235


Henrik Jørgensen
Service Engineer
+45 7220 2374


Frank Rosengaard
Service Engineer
+45 7220 2367

Henrik Flyckt Bjørnsen
Service Engineer
+45 7220 2369


Davut Akkas
Service Engineer
+45 7220 1283


stretched wire bench picture2.png

NEW product: Model 694 Stretched Wire Bench

Dec 07 2016 A very versatile magnet measurement system


For more information contact

Christian Pilegaard

VP Service