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Danfysik develops, designs and manufactures equipment for particle accelerators. We provide everything from single components to large turn-key systems.

Working with accelerator technologies involves high level skills and at Danfysik we are proud to have an experienced, enthusiastic and committed staff of engineers, physicists and technicians.

Job vacancies can be seen at www.dti.dk/jobs (English version) and www.teknologisk.dk/jobs (Danish version).

More information on the recruitment process can be found in the recruitment policy document. 


Open job vacancies

Job title Deadline
Maskiningeniør til konstuktion af partikelacceleratorer  30. november 2018
Servicetekniker til test af højteknologiske produkter  30. november 2018

We encourage sending unsolicited applications to HR department.


Recruitment process
stretched wire bench picture2.png

NEW product: Model 694 Stretched Wire Bench

Dec 07 2016 A very versatile magnet measurement system


For more information contact

Henning Bach

VP Sales and Marketing