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  • Insertion Device

    Insertion Device

  • Magnetic test of undulator

    Magnetic test of undulator

  • Magnetic structure of CPMU, a cryo-cooled in vacuum permanent magnet undulator for Diamond Light Source, UK

    Magnetic structure of CPMU, a cryo-cooled in vacuum permanent magnet undulator for Diamond Light Source, UK

    Insertion Devices

    Our magnetic insertion devices are used in Synchrotron Light Sources and Free Electron Lasers to generate brilliant beams of light ranging from the far infrared of the spectrum to hard X-rays

    Our insertion device product portfolio comprises more than 25 different models based on different technologies. Most devices are designed to the specific application using a wide selection of magnet technologies and solutions.

    The periodic magnetic field structure is most often generated by very strong permanent magnetic material (PM), but we also use electromagnetic (EM) or superconducting (SC) solutions, alone or in combination with PM solutions.

    The PM based devices typically have variable magnetic gap in order to change the magnetic field and thereby vary the wavelength of the synchrotron light. The devices based on EM and SC solutions are typically fixed gap types, as the field can be varied by changing the current in the magnet coils.

    In order to provide the highest magnetic field and the smallest period length some PM solutions calls for absolute minimum magnetic gap. This can be arranged by embedding the complete magnetic structure inside the storage ring vacuum system. Further enhancement of the magnetic field may be achieved by cooling the in-vacuum magnetic structures to cryogenic temperatures.    

    We design the insertion devices to match the specific requirements using advanced design tools such as RADIA and OPERA-3D for optimizing the magnetic structures. We use COSMOS for finite element calculations of the mechanical structure and Autodesk Inventor for the mechanical design.

    The magnetic performance of the insertion devices are fully tested in our clean room with long flip-coil and Hall probe benches.


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