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  • Model 921A High Current Ion Source

    Model 921A High Current Ion Source

  • Modular ion source assembly

    Modular ion source assembly

    Ion Sources

    Flexible ion source system for the generation of high current ion beams from a wide selection of elements

    The Model 921A ion source is designed for the production of high current and high brightness ion beams for applications in particle accelerator injection, ion implantation, isotope separation, ion beam mixing, sputtering, fusion plasma diagnostics, etc. 

    A magnetic multipole/reflex (“bucket”) configuration of the discharge chamber allows the creation of a quiet, cold and stable plasma of large cross section with densities suitable to form high current, high brightness ion beams. Beam currents are well reproducible and stable. The discharge can be run in continuous or pulsed mode, depending on the intended application.

    The discharge can be tuned to optimize the content of multi-charged ions. 

    The ion source is of modular design, thus providing flexibility in the choice of suitable source configuration for a given charge material, preferred ionization state, and/or extraction system. Every source type can easily be adapted to new tasks by replacing individual components.



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