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    Group 3

    In the design and manufacture of robust scientific instruments for measuring magnetic fields and specialist control systems, Group3 are committed to continuous product innovation and solutions for Teslameters or Gaussmeters and Distributed Control to meet the demand of global emerging technologies from the fields of science, engineering, manufacturing, technology and research.

    Group3 Teslameters offer 

    • Outstanding accuracy
    • Extremely high resolution
    • Small probe size
    • Single probe covers all fields up to full scale
    • Noise immunity
    • Interchangeable probes

    Group3 teslameters are the highest precision Hall effect instruments available - no other instrument can offer comparable specifications in the same price range. Group3’s unique linearization and temperature correction techniques have overcome the inherent problems of standard Hall effect devices. Every Group3 probe is individually characterised at many hundred field values, each at a range of temperatures. All this data is analysed by the calibration computers and the resulting correction coefficients stored in the probe itself. Advanced software algorithms in a Group3 Teslameter use the data to produce corrected field readings. No other instrument available approaches the thermal stability of the DTM-151 and LPT-141 combination - conservatively rated at 10ppm/° C maximum, but typically less than half of that.

    The small active area of a Hall probe is ideal for field mapping. It offers particular advantages in regions of non-uniform field, for making measurements "on-the-fly" (when moving the probe through a field region), and also for measuring AC magnetic fields. These are applications where NMR based teslameters do not operate well. The high precision Group3 teslameters offer near equal resolution, can operate in all these difficult areas, and cost far less than an NMR system.

    Because the characterisation data for each probe is permanently stored within the probe plug housing itself, any Group3 probe can be used with any Group3 instrument. Probes and instruments can be swapped around while still maintaining the full accuracy of the system.

    A single probe covers a wide range of field values - there is no requirement to change probes.

    A selection of probes is available, of differing areas, sensitivities, and temperature dependence.

    The Group3 instruments are robustly housed in an all metal case, which also gives added protection against RFI problems. The small sized unit takes up little space on a benchtop, and if the panel mount version is used, three teslameters can be mounted across a standard 19" panel.

    The field reading is on a 7 digit red LED display, highly visible in the normal laboratory environment, and particularly good if the unit is installed in some poorly lit area.

    The front panel is kept simple, with just two buttons needed to select and change settings. Group3 has adopted this elegant approach, rather than providing a button for everything, whether its required or not.

    The sophisticated drive methods employed, and the very special cable used for the probes permit large separations of probe head and instrument. Probe cables can be manufactured up to 30 metres in length.

    Group3 offers three distinct families of teslameters

    1.   High precision DTM-151 series - the premium Hall effect teslameter

    • Outstanding accuracy, very high resolution (1 in 600,000)
    • For use with temperature compensated probes.

    2.   High resolution DTM-150 series

    • same high resolution as the DTM-151
    • For use with non-temperature compensated probes.
    • Same accuracy as DTM-151 at room temperature (25° C) Intended for use where the probe will be held at a constant temperature, or where the full accuracy over temperature is not required.

    3.   Economy DTM-133 series

    • Lower resolution, (1 in 12,000 ) 
    • For use with non temperature compensated probes

    4.   3D DTM-333 series

    • The DTM-333 is a new generation of Digital Teslameter/Gaussmeter
    • The technology and accuracy is the same as the Group3 DTM-133 but in a 3D or 3 Channel environment.


    The basic instrument of each series then has a number of options that can be added:

    1.    Communications

    • Options of either serial - ( RS232 and fiber optic) or IEEE488 / GPIB

    2.    Mounting

    • Bench instrument or rack panel mount.


    More information on Group 3 products is available at www.group3technology.com



    For more information contact

    Carsten Pilsgaard Hansen

    Sales Manager, Power Electronics