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The Danfysik PT Synchrotron provides high energy protons and carbon ions for cancer treatment facilities

Particle Therapy Accelerators

We take pride in applying our synchrotron accelerator technology in healthcare

With our synchrotron technology, we are a leading commercial provider of total accelerator system and subsystem solutions for the newest, second generation Particle Therapy (PT) facilities. Second generation PT uses light ions instead of the light protons used in the first generation technology. In addition, second generation, synchrotron based facilities offer a wide range of ions for flexible treatments at ultimate precision and efficiency. Newest research in the field has indicated that ions as heavy as carbon or oxygen can kill cancer cells most efficiently due to a higher biological effect.

Danfysik PT technology is being applied in two world class facilities, at the Marburger Ionenstrahl-Therapiezentrum (MIT) in Marburg, Germany and at the SPHIC hospital in Shanghai, China.

With particle therapy beams of protons or carbon ions are used to efficiently kill the cancer tumor cells with millimeter precision

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