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    Danfysik was founded in 1964 in a humble farmhouse ‘factory’ with small scale development and production of magnet power supplies and accelerator magnets. Since then, we have been driven by the fascination of accelerator technology in its most advanced form.

    Danfysik develops, designs and manufactures components for particle accelerators: magnets (conventional, superconducting, permanent, special and compact), ultra-stable magnet power supplies, undulators, wigglers, electrostatics and beam diagnostic equipment.

    Danfysik also designs and produces entire turn-key systems, such as ion implanters, synchrotron boosters, injector systems and synchrotron accelerators for research and industry applications.

    In addition, Danfysik designs and produces the complete synchrotron accelerator system for particle therapy, to treat cancer with protons and heavy ions.

    Many of our systems have been in operation for many years, sometimes more than a decade, providing stable high-quality performance for our customers’ particle accelerator equipment.

    Danfysik is owned by the Danish Technological Institute, an independent non-profit organization.

    Danfysik has customers and partners all over the world and our business is accelerating like our technology.

    stretched wire bench picture2.png

    NEW product: Model 694 Stretched Wire Bench

    Dec 07 2016 A very versatile magnet measurement system


    For more information contact

    Henning Bach

    Vice President Sales and Marketing