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    20 kA for testing SC cables

    High current magnet power supplies including quench detection and protection

    A very large magnet power supply was installed at INFN Napoli in spring 2015. The power supply will be applied for testing various superconducting magnetic structures at the NAFASSY facility in Salerno, Italy.

    The power supply is configurable for easy switching between several different test setups. The primary setup delivers 20 kA at a maximum voltage of 25 V.

    For other experiments 10 kA at maximum 50 V is needed. The brute force way of implementing this would be to build one power supply capable of providing the full current range and the full voltage range simultaneously. However, this would be a quite costly solution.

    We chose a more elegant and cost-effective solution to achieve the required performance, namely to build the power supply as four converters that can either be connected in parallel or stacked in series.


    Standard and customized Power Supplies

    Danfysik design, manufacture and test power supplies for many accelerator applications.


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