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    Heavy Ion Particle Therapy – in Shanghai

    The Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center received approval by the chinese authorities – as the first heavy ion particle therapy facility in China.

    The combined Proton and Carbon Ion Particle Therapy treatment facility was finalized in June 2014 by Siemens. The clinical trial including the treatment of 35 cancer patients was successfully completed in December 2014. After extensive evaluation by the authorities, the facility received the CFDA approval on March 24 this year.

    Danfysik staff have been involved during the entire project period of 5 years, in designing, manufacturing, factory testing, installing and commissioning the entire accelerator system.

    The accelerator system has proven to be very reliable and stable meeting the requirements for a very high uptime. The system performance is state of the art and can perform to the newest standards with Pencil Beam Scanning, IMRT. Danfysik continues the collaboration with Siemens on this facility with our expert support and service.


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    Standardized and custom Power Supplies

    Danfysik design, manufacture and test power supplies for many accelerator applications.


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