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  • SPARC laboratory at Lockheed Martin. (Photo by LM)

    SPARC laboratory at Lockheed Martin. (Photo by LM)

  • Ion Implaneter installed at Lockheed Martin. (photo by LM)

    Ion Implaneter installed at Lockheed Martin. (photo by LM)


    Ion Implanter for space testing

    Beams from ion implanter used to simulate the impact of cosmic particles on space electronics

    Our proven Series 1090 High Current Ion Implanters are in use at our customers’ sites for numerous types of applications in R&D as well as in production and processing, such as using new ion implantation techniques in the development of novel semiconductor structures, and ion beam hardening of plastic molding tools for LEGO bricks.

    A brand new Model 1090-200 is successfully installed and fully operational at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in their new Space Plasma and Radiation Center (SPARC).

    The Ion Implanter will be used to test the sensitivity of electronics and other types of components to the exposure of cosmic radiation and the solar wind.

    "Before we send new materials and instruments into orbit, we must first ensure they will survive the brutal environment of space, so we replicate the space environments in vacuum chambers her on Earth and analyze the results." David Knapp, lead scientist at SPARC.

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