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  • Kicker magnet during asssembly

    Kicker magnet during asssembly

  • Touch screen for local operation of kicker power supply

    Touch screen for local operation of kicker power supply


    UCN Kicker Magnet System for TRIUMF, Canada

    Kicker Magnet System for 500MeV proton beam. Repetition rate from DC to 350Hz.

    The UCN (Ultra Cold Neutron) Kicker magnet is a ferrite core window frame magnet for fast switching and high repetition rate deflection of incoming 500 MeV proton beam. The magnet length is 1.5m and the deflection is vertical. The magnet and coils are assembled around a ceramic vacuum chamber without breaking the vacuum. The repetition rate can vary from DC to 350 Hz having a rise and fall time of 50µs. The water-cooled coils are supported within the ferrite cores and at their extremes to reduce vibration level. On the below photo the magnet is partly assembled.

    Danfysik also deliver the power supply for the magnet. The power supply must be able to ramp from 0 to 250A in less than 50 us. As this is a highly customized power supply the control system has been implemented as a PLC control with touch screen. This provide full flexibility for implementing the control features needed for this specific system.


    Picture showing the cyclotron CL-11 at Triumf (1972). Picture from Triumf web page for public download.

    ANL Q1.png

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