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  • A beam diagnostics assembly

    A beam diagnostics assembly

  • Actuator for Faraday Cup

    Actuator for Faraday Cup

  • Beam slit

    Beam slit

  • Watercooled slit

    Watercooled slit

  • Beam Diagnostics

    Beam Diagnostics

    Beam Diagnostics

    Our wide selection of beam diagnostics components covers most requirements for particle accelerators ranging from low energy in ion implanters to high energy in synchrotrons

    System 5000 (Discontinued)

    Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation System 5000 is based on a development from the Hahn-Meitner-Institute and provides users with a complete line of beam diagnostic instrumentation including both mechanics and associated electronics.

    System 5100 (Discontinued)

    Beam Profile Monitoring System 5100 is designed for providing data on the intensity, profile and position of ion or electron beams in low to medium energy particle accelerators, such as mass spectrometers, isotope separators, and Van de Graaff accelerators.

    System 5200

    Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation System 5200 was developed to cover the particle beam diagnostics monitoring and control required in synchrotron based particle therapy accelerator systems, including the very high requirements to precision, quality and reliability. The system may also be used for other types of high energy ion accelerators.

    Beam Diagnostics Technical Desriptions

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