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Assembly and test of a beam line

Beam Line Systems

Beam lines are needed in almost all accelerator facilities to transport particle beams “from A to B”

We provide all the components needed for your beam lines, such as magnets, magnet power supplies, electrostatic devices, beam diagnostics equipment and vacuum systems.

If needed our experts can give advice on the beam optics design and layout or design the system completely. Based on emittance data of the incoming beam and your requirements we will design the beamline system. We optimize the design with respect to beam performance and investment cost and lifecycle cost and maintainability.

We can also include injection and extraction elements, such as kicker magnets and septum magnets to complete the beam line system if needed. 


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Magnet design is a Danfysik core competence

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Standard and customized Power Supplies

Danfysik design, manufacture and test power supplies for many accelerator applications.


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