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View inside the MAX IV 3.0 GeV Storage Ring tunnel showing two complete 7-bend achromats each 25 m long

Synchrotrons for Light Sources

We design, manufacture, test and install all components for synchrotron accelerator based Light Sources, designed and manufactured to specific requirements and performance specifications. DANFYSIK is a leading supplier within Synchrotron 4G upgrading projects worldwide

Our complete Synchrotron Accelerator Solutions are in operation all over the world. They include complete injector systems for synchrotron light sources, such as KIT in Karlsruhe, CLS Canadian Light Source in Saskatchewan, and ANSTO Australian Synchrotron Project in Melbourne.  

Other Solutions include complete magnet systems. Some examples are our deliveries to the booster synchrotrons at Swiss Light Source in Zürich and Diamond Light Source at Oxford, and for the synchrotron radiation storage rings ASTRID2 in Aarhus, MAX IV in Lund, and SOLARIS in Cracow, ESRF in Grenoble and APS at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago.