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  • Assembly of large electrostatic device

    Assembly of large electrostatic device

  • Electrostatic Dipole

    Electrostatic Dipole

  • Wien Filter

    Wien Filter

    Electrostatic Devices

    For focusing and scanning of heavy ions at low energy, for velocity selectors (Wien filters) and for special requirements in spectrometers.

    We offer a wide selection of electrostatic devices for various applications in particle accelerators. They range from Electrostatic quadrupole lenses, beam Scanning systems for small accelerators and Wien filters to large Electrostatic dipole analysers for spectrometers.

    Over the years we have built up an outstanding expertise in the field of electrostatics achieving the highest demands regarding precision and operating voltage – all made to customer specifications.


    Magnet design is a Danfysik core competence

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    Standard and customized Power Supplies

    Danfysik design, manufacture and test power supplies for many accelerator applications.


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